Southland Today

You’ll be eager to wake up in the morning and tune in to Southland Today. Every day is a new adventure and this multifaceted program addresses all kinds of popular and useful topics. Books are discussed; cooking techniques are taught; travel tips offered, as are financial strategies, and health, beauty, and style trends are introduced, AND, you can participate. 

Ever feel motivated to give your heartfelt opinion on an issue, but fear that no one will want to listen? On this program, viewer participation is encouraged. After all, the viewer is the most important person in this picture ... without the viewer, there would be no program. So, we listen to you via viewer mailbag, telephone, special offers, and during interactive segments. 

Interviews with guest celebrities and experts in various fields round out this exciting show. Watch and listen; get involved, and start your day the right way, right away - with CEG TV Network. We’re always here working for you, our special viewer.


America's Voice Revisits

America’s Voice Revisits is back! Via the use of  newsreels and specially made documentary shows, this very popular series presents coverage of the men, women, and events that made history in the 20th century. America’s Voice Revisits discovers the historical figures that have had a lasting impact in the world of sports, Hollywood, royalty, fashion, technology, and lifestyles. America’s Voice Revisits also covers the men and women who created products and services from inception to actual use, presents biographies of famous people and what they did that made them famous, as well as world-changing events such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to earthquakes from here in the United States to those that occurred in Asian countries. 


Join America’s Voice Revisits weekdays on CEGTV.

Views From Above

Views From Above, a travel program, takes you to different places “from above” (via private planes). It will take you to destinations most travelers (and viewers) cannot see or access. Views From Above takes trips that encompass about two hours of flying time one way, and then does something fun and entertaining at that location—whether it be a meal in a nice restaurant, going on a picnic in a beautiful location, going on a hike, or visiting an artist’s nook—something unique to the area. 


For instance, from the Orange County, California, area, we could go to Catalina, Big Bear, Santa Barbara, or San Diego. We could also rent a plane and travel to another area—just basically doing the same thing in any city we wanted to visit, including Hawaii! You just don’t know where Views From Above will take you! 


Home and Garden Show

The Home and Garden Show features segments—for example, the interior of a home to the yard/garden of a home—applicable to your lifestyle, whether you live in an apartment, house or condo, most of which revolves around faux techniques. Each show focuses in great detail on only one technique, which differs greatly from other home improvement shows where you see so much, done in such a short period of time, that you can’t remember what you saw. The series also covers decoupage. 

The Home and Garden Show shows you how to decorate a backyard with a minimal amount of money, and it invites the experts in to give gardening tips. It features “How to” segments (e.g., how to get rid of problem bugs and insects that have been damaging your garden). The program is interactive so that you, the viewer, can ask the experts how to find a solution to a problem that exists in your yard or home.


The Home and Garden Show episodes also show viewers what they need to do in any number of gardening projects and estimates the time it should take to complete those projects. 

Business Journal for Today

Business Journal for Today features stories about the stock market; how to purchase stock and know the right time to sell; how to get started in business; choosing the right corporate law firm and the proper attorney to represent your business; men and women in business around the world, “making it” with their own businesses; and the right tools, labor laws, and employee and employer rights.

Business also features local, national, and worldwide breaking news; industry updates that are changing the business world; companies that are closing down or merging with other businesses; and how companies, which have been operating for a number of years, now find themselves experiencing dramatic changes in the way they must conduct their business today in order to stay in tune with the “changing times.”

The program examines the ever-changing high-tech world, discusses the myriad automation and computer programs and systems introduced almost daily for every type of business, and addresses how companies are progressing by adapting those programs and systems to their operations. 


Business Journal for Today presents interactive features so viewers can: “Ask the expert.” It airs weekdays on CEG TV Network (and in some markets, it airs twice daily). 

Welcome to My Kitchen

Accompanied by the series’ host, Leda Albright, Welcome to My Kitchen takes the viewer into people’s homes, where they cook something that is special and distinctive to them or their culture. Leda might stop by to visit a celebrity or sports figures, or even you, the program’s viewers around the world. 

A special segment of Welcome to My Kitchen is finding the right wine to go with a meal. The program will take you to wine shops, vineyards, and wine cellars, where you will learn about the different brands of wines and what they have to offer, how to improve your palate, and how to become a mini-connoisseur. 



Club Chile Presents

Come on, dance along with our exciting Club Chile – CEGTV’s one-hour dance and performance program featuring the ever-popular Latin rhythm-laced salsa music. Each episode will feature many well-known salsa singers, such as: Ricky Martin, Rey Ruiz, La India, Mark Anthony, Julio Iglesias, and Ruben Blades. Each episode, the program will also feature great salsa bands, (e.g., Johnny Pacheco, Tito Nieves, Jerry Rivera, Olga Tanon, Elvis Crespo, Oscar D’leon, Isidro Infante), and guest appearances by such Puerto Rican and Cuban bands as Los Zafiros (The Sapphires). 

Club Chile will feature fifteen salsa and Latin dance couples, who will become celebrities in their own right, attracting fans in the audience and setting trends in dance and fashions in accordance with pre-established dress codes – current styles in vogue with the dance fashions of the day. This exciting show will showcase the passions and 

talents unique to Latino performers. 

Club Chile will include a segment entitled, “Latin Hollywood,” which will report on the Latin Hollywood and music scene, performance, and actors. This segment will also inform the public as to the Latino performers’ current venues and show dates, etc. Club Chile will feature interviews on the set, at a star’s home, or during a night out on the town.

Performances by vocalists in previous shows have included artists such as: jazz singer, Janie Lovett:, and Ruby Cimarusti, the renowned Filipina soprano. Productions have been shown at the Cine Festival; Cine Sol Festival; Cine Action Festival; the Los Angeles Film Festival, and the Joseph Papp Museo Dell Barrio Film Festival in New York City.


Laughter is always the great unifier, and all our audiences will enjoy the program’s Latino comedy spot, featuring the funniest Latino comics, including: George Lopez, Rudy Moreno and Emilio Rivera. 

Family Guide to the Movies

This popular and helpful “tell-it-like-it is” entertainment family guide covers topics that affect moms (especially pinch-hitter moms) the most: profanity, sexuality and role modeling. Stephanie Lawrence hosts this fast-paced, fun series, a must for modern moms. In addition to the Family Guide to the Movies, CEGTV also offers Making of a Filmmaker, a series that focuses on major film and television filmmakers; how they got started in the business and the steps they took to become famous.


Issues of the Day

Dirty laundry should be regulated to the Laundromat - not paraded before an unsuspecting TV audience. News Headlines of the Day respects our viewers’ privacy and offers a powerful, one-of-a-kind voice in “talk television” with the show’s host, Angie Beltran, who avoids woeful whiners and society’s misfits. 

Beltran discusses pertinent topics with real people in an open, honest and easy manner. Her inimitable style and razor-sharp wit draw guests and callers to her like magnets to steel. Her approach instantly appeals to the hard-working, everyday people who care enough about America to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

News Headlines of the Day is a proven success in major markets across the nation, including: New York, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Washington, and California. Angie Beltran enjoys a proven track record of pulling in nearly 1,000 calls weekly for a one-hour, daily program with a television audience of more than 33,000.000 people across the nation. CEGTV not only entertains, it informs.


SNAFU is such a cool word, but have you ever wondered about its origin? Sure you have. The term originated during WWII as an acronym for Signal News and Film Unit. The feature film also serves as a pilot for the hilarious plot that reminds audiences of M*A*S*H*.  

A group of misfits ¬also known as combat cameramen – gave inspiration to the oft-repeated SNAFU (situation normal, all fouled up). This bungling unit hits the beach at Normandy on D-Day. The combat footage they managed to shoot gave the Pentagon a view of what was going on up in the front lines (that is, after they separated the usable from the underexposed and out-of-focus shots).

City Teen

City Teen is a fresh, lively, informative, one-hour daily program especially for and about “super teens” and praiseworthy preteens. Dealing with real teen issues, City Teen will have a studio home base (Southern California) with in-the-field, on-location segments covering what’s happening with teens in the city, across the country, and around the world.

City Teen will feature teens and preteens who make a difference in the world. Kids in your neighborhood may be featured. So many young people are well aware of the problems in the world and find ways to help those who are less fortunate. And some of these kids are considered “at risk” themselves. We will conduct interviews with these outstanding kids and their mentors. 

Southern California is the perfect backdrop to tape full episodes of this compelling program: the Lakers’ or local basketball court, the neighborhood bike shop, a family’s living room or porch, the beach, Disneyland, the Angels’ and Dodgers’ ballparks, hospitals, animal rescue groups’ meetings, fairs and musical venues, and on-site coverage of a program in East L.A. that rescues victimized kids from the streets and rehabilitates former gang members. 

Super teens are found everywhere! They should be recognized, and that is our commitment. We will also be asking for your help in recommending worthy teens you know. Instead of kids getting a “bad rap” in general, we want to show the positive side of the teen world, the super teen. 

One of the shows in the works features young bicycle racers from impoverished neighborhoods who have the opportunity to succeed in this grueling sport because of their individual courage and desire to succeed, and the selfless mentoring of caring adults.

Another program will highlight a young prize-winning artist/student (who also works part-time) for his steadfastness and loyalty to his mother when others close to her ignored her physical and emotional needs. During those tragic times, this “super teen” put his own interests on hold and threw all his support behind his Mom. 

With surprise guests stopping by at any time, the program will also review new/upcoming movies and TV shows, video games, and what’s hot (and not!) in the entertainment and fashion worlds. 


City Teen deals with real teen issues …


In today’s hectic, ever-changing world, teens have many questions that need thoughtful and sincere answers. To that end, professionals will visit the show regularly to address those all-important issues: drug abuse, pregnancy, peer pressure, diet and health, gangs and gang wars, intercity pressures, sex, education, college planning, parents … and so forth.


Segments on City Teen will 




• Movie reviews

• Up-and-coming rock bands

• Movie and television celebrities

• Viewer mailbox


New computer and video games

• Healthy meal cooking segments

• Exercise

• Fashion and grooming tips

• Sports 



• Politicians and political issues

• On-location segments


City Teen appeals to a strong target market 


Broadcasting Excellence … City Teen is an FCC-friendly educational program that meets the requirement for three hours per week of educational programming.

Beyond Boundaries

CEGTV proudly presents Beyond Boundaries, a fascinating series of programs that will provide an overview of medicine; space exploration; our earthly environment; the arts; philosophies, and the superhighway of interactive communication technologies. How these subjects influence our lives will help us to understand our legacy as we move forward into the future. The programs will explore how occurrences of the past have caused the developments of today and even cast their shadows onto the horizon of tomorrow.

The presentations will explore such subjects as: the wonders and mysteries of our galaxy; primitive healing techniques; the importance of light in ancient healing traditions; how the mind is always creating the new and the different and the fact that, even when we are sleeping, the mind is still creating. Also explored will be allopathic, homeopathic, brain/mind research, and an understanding of death and what lies beyond. Each program will show an aspect of our human condition and what possibilities we can create for the future of this planet and its inhabitants.

A demographic study indicates that the show has universal appeal. Its audience is almost evenly divided between men and women. The age span extends from teenagers to senior citizens. The responses come from all walks of life: college professors, psychiatrists, medical doctors, beauticians, engineers, homemakers, and students.

Since Beyond Boundaries is unique to television, network programming does not affect the program’s viewing audience. Its viewers are extremely dedicated. They appreciate the opportunity to see internationally famous guests interviewed by host Tracie Austin-Peters on subjects of human potential, the power of the mind, and human creative ability.

Some of the stellar experts on what may be without and what should be within (or vice versa) will include: Peter James, the famous investigator who has researched some of the most strange and bizarre paranormal phenomena the world has ever seen. Peter has been a guest on many radio and TV shows, including Sightings and the Sci-Fi channel; Jeff Long, M.D., an expert and leading researcher in the near death experience (NDE); Dolores Cannon, a past life regressionist and hypnotherapist as well as a UFO investigator, and Gary Quinn, author of May the Angels Be With You.


About the Series’ Producer/Host, Tracie Austin-Peters


Having completed various studies at Cauldron College of Further Education in 1984, Tracie relocated to London, England a year later to study at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama as a concert pianist and piano teacher. In 1987, her interest in UFOs began when she witnessed her first UFO – an event that changed her life!

In 1989, Tracie returned to her hometown of Staffordshire to teach piano/keyboard to numerous students, and became project manager of a popular music tuition agency. Her second daylight sighting occurred in May of 1996. A profound sighting of a black, boomerang-like object that changed shape was observed by other witnesses and made a second appearance that day right over her house! The 

television channel, BBC Digital, became aware of her sighting, and during the making of its TV documentary Over the Moon, Tracie told her story and reenacted her sighting.

In June of 1996, she hosted her first UFO conference, which became a major success. Radio appearances followed, as well as articles in newspapers and invitations to speak on the subject at various organizations. A second conference followed in 1998. Research into the UFO phenomena has been an ongoing process since her first sighting in 1987, and she has investigated some very strange UFO activity. Personal sightings of UFOs continue to date – as does her passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the research into the universal mysteries of the galaxies that swirl around our tiny “Blue Planet.”

Recently, Tracie was invited to serve as mistress of ceremonies, as well as a guest speaker, at the 2005 MUFON conference held in Denver, Colorado. She is featured on the United Kingdom radio show, Quality Beats Radio, and is also the executive producer and host of her own TV talk show, Let’s Talk … Paranormal. Austin-Peters’ popular show is now in syndication in the California, New York, Arizona, and Iowa markets.

The production has won three Telly Awards (one in 2003 and two in 2004), which are comparable to the Oscars and Emmys. Founded in 1978, the Telly Award is the premier award that honors outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions. Telly Awards annually showcase the best work of the most respected advertising agencies, production companies, television stations, cable operators, and corporate video departments in the world. The program receives entries from all 50 states and five continents and is a widely-known and highly respected national and international competition.

Austin-Peters fondly remembers interviewing actor Michael Keaton and British producer Paul Brooks during the filming of the movie, “White Noise.” She is a very talented and personable lady, dedicated to the investigation of the universal mysteries that surround us … nearby and far away … seen and unseen!


Beyond Boundaries


Features currently found on CEGTV include: Beyond 

Boundaries – nothing mundane here. Extraterrestrials all watch this show, we are told. Provocative and exciting, “Beyond Boundaries” opens dialogues with dynamic speakers well-known in the human potential fields, such as psychology, philosophy, science, parapsychology, natural 

healing techniques, extraterrestrial research (which is why the above mentioned audience tunes in – they are curious to see if we’ve figured things out yet), theater and theology. Subjects range from mind-bending theories to those more readily accepted. Demographic studies have shown that the shows have universal appeal and attract viewers of all ages and walks of life (and shapes and sizes – or not).

Tracie will welcome such “stellar” guests as: Peter James has investigated some of the most bizarre paranormal phenomena in the world. Peter has appeared on several television and radio shows over the years, in particular his regular appearances on the Sci-Fi channel’s “Sightings.” He is able to “pick up on” spirits in dark, dank prison cells and cemeteries … with spooky 


Jeff Long M.D. is a leading researcher in NDE (near death experience to we neophytes). He serves on the board of directors of IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies). His Web site has more original NDE postings than any other in the genre … fascinating 


Phyllis Curott is an immensely popular witch. Yes, Virginia, there are such things – more than you can imagine. Her book Witch Crafting will provide you with an amazing trove of “doable” spells, rituals and shamanic journeys. This is not something you can stock up on at 

Albertson’s. Phyllis explains how to tap into the divine power of Goddess and God to create real magic every day … wow!

Dr. Louis Turi reminds us of the gifted 15th century prophet, Michel de Nostredame, traditionally known as Nostradamus, and his quatrains that revealed insights 

into the future. Dr. Turi is respected for his accuracy in predicting hundreds of events, including 9/11, the Asian tsunami, and the infamous hurricane Katrina. He lectures on the power of the subconscious, the medical aspects of astropsychology, hypnotherapy, and a multitude of rare 


Cabalistic healing therapies … too totally awesome! 


Angler's Journal

Angler’s Journal, Fishing the Americas, is a 30-minute travel adventure series that spirits you off to Alaska, Canada, Mexico, the U.S.A., Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and South America, to name just a few of the program’s exciting destinations hosted by your tour guide, Dan Hernandez. In each location, we visit with the residents and learn about the area’s rich history. “Angler’s Journal” is much, much more than just a fishing series – it’s a true travel adventure! 

Traveling with Dan, we also investigate local legends of the sea and mysteries that exist in a particular area – perhaps pink dolphins in the Amazon or giant monster catfish in the Mississippi. You were unaware of humongous catfish residing in our Mississippi River, weren’t you? Aha! Check Dan out – you’ll learn all kinds of weird stuff. And, not only do we catch some great fish, but regional chefs also teach us how to prepare it (yummy in your tummy!). 

This series, which is great for the entire family, comes complete with awesome fishing action, complemented by breathtaking scenery and a built-in geography lesson. The kids will never know how good this series actually is for them – much like spinach. Tune in to Anger’s Journal, enjoy all the adventures and learn various fishing techniques used in exotic locales as well as here at home … with your courageous guide – Dan Hernandez. 


About the Series Host … Intrepid Explorer Dan Hernandez


Dan Hernandez was born in Los Angeles, California, where he graduated from Trade-Tech College. He began writing and completing field photography for such magazines as: Sport Field, Western Outdoor News, Pacific Fisherman, and Sport Fishing, as well as numerous other outdoor publications.

Adventurous Dan is also one of the most popular and sought-after writers and speakers on a variety of species of fish caught locally and/or in the waters of Alaska and Central and South America.

In an effort to expand on his successful writing career, Dan moved on to television, first by developing and hosting Fish-On! – a cable fishing show that focused on California saltwater fishing. After three years at Fish-On! he then produced and hosted his own television fishing program, Sport Fishing with Dan Hernandez.

Recently, Hernandez won the Spirit Award, a national award given by Hispanic Business Magazine. Dan was honored for being the first Latino in the United States to own, host, and produce a series for network television in English. He was also rewarded for his work with inner city kids in the Downtown and East Los Angeles areas.

Dan has released a series of how-to fishing tapes, as well as authoring a successful how-to fishing book entitled Saltwater Fishing Adventures that assists anglers in learning techniques for catching the fish chronicled in his book. With help from the people at Lawry’s Foods, Dan also has released a hot-selling fish cookbook realistically entitled A Fisherman’s Cookbook. 

Welcome Aboard

Seafaring entertainment is offered in a new, half-hour weekly show dedicated to everything waterborne, from celebrity yacht owners to do-it-yourself boat repair; from maritime museums to water spouts. Come aboard to Welcome Aboard and batten down the hatches, mate; there’s a storm of entertainment and information brewin’ at Welcome Aboard. 

Mysteries and Beauty of Nature

Lisa Collins hosts this fascinating and informative series. You will experience exotic locations, unique and strange animals, and many of Mother Nature’s oddities. Mysteries and Beauty of Nature is wonderful entertainment for families to share and discuss, and is also popular with animal and nature lovers of any age.

Police Rescue

An exciting new program that presents a unique blend of character-driven drama and fast-paced action features the members of the Police Rescue squad. This unit focuses on rescue work and the officers who consistently lay their lives on the line to save others. They are called into action during all types of emergencies: train disasters, suicide prevention, traffic accidents and road blockages, catastrophic events, to name but a few.

The series offers dramas that surround rescue work, profiles the characters involved and witnesses the humor of the after-hours lives of the squad’s colorful personalities amidst stunning action sequences filmed in and around Sidney, Australia. With tender and engaging personal stories at its center, Police Rescue is a series that will touch your heart, as well as keep you on the edge of your seat … a winning combination.

The show’s popularity has made it one of the most highly-awarded TV drama series in Australia, garnering more than 30 award nominations culminating in six Australian Film Institute Awards, five Logies, and five People’s Choice Awards (the Aussie equivalent to the Emmys).


The cast is led by Gary Sweet, Australia’s premier TV star, and an award-winning ensemble cast. Police Rescue is a terrific show produced in a remarkable land that most Americans can identify with … wide-open spaces and an enterprising people with a free-wheeling, independent spirit much, like our own.

Blue Heelers

Blue Heelers Less gunfights, more heart – a police drama with a twist. The Blue Heelers are a bunch of country cops in Australia, and the program is the number one drama series on Aussie TV. The show is really cool. The premise is a departure from the usual hard-edged, city cop show stereotype. What Blue Heelers lacks in gratuitous violence, it makes up for with believable characters, strong story lines, and a funky country soundtrack.

When you’re a country cop, you know everyone in town. Police work is people … and that makes it personal. Just ask Sgt. Tom Croydon, played with warmth (and sometimes fire) by the mercurial John Wood. He’s been on the job for 25 years and is known simply as “Boss” around the station.

Lisa McClune plays Maggie, fresh out of the police academy and as tough as she is pretty. Sometimes, she’s a little too smart for her own good, but that’s a country thing: “She’ll cotton on soon.” What really worries her is that her old flame from the academy also happens to be stationed in town … and he has a new wife (uh oh).

Add a too-cool cowboy detective and a traffic cop who enjoys giving out tickets and you’re looking at Mt. Thomas’ finest. They rescue bulls and shoot mad dogs and love a cold beer at the end of the day. In between, they also manage to apprehend some serious criminals. 

Mostly, however, it is the real lives of these country cops, living and working in a close-knit rural community, that makes Blue Heelers such a different kind of police beat. But then, creative programming is the keystone of CEGTV.

Time Masters

Even antsy kids will love Time Masters because it is a thrilling new children’s game show that is fun, entertaining, and educational. It is an exciting and fast-paced program and the players are always on the move. 

The game is question-and-answer-based and is produced as a series of active and physically challenging games and tests.

Every day, two teams of children compete in a fun adventure playground as they answer general questions and accumulate points for the correct answers. At week’s-end, the team with the most points will win a desirable and practical prize for their school. The players also win prizes for themselves along the way.

Magic Mountain

The Magic Mountain is a full-body puppet series for the whole family to enjoy. The mountain is the home of four friends: Dragon, Panda, Tortoise, and Lion. Dragon lives in a cave, not surprisingly, at the top of the mountain. He is just a fledgling dragon, not yet fully in control of his magic breath and his powers of flight. Mischievous Panda lives further down the mountain, next to the energetic and impulsive Lion. Tortoise lives down by the river and owns a shell that is full of useful things like string, candles, and tools.

These four charming creatures enjoy wonderful times as they invent unusual games, play tricks on each other, and have exciting adventures as they explore their enchanting world.

Hamburger Palace

This hysterical comedy centers ‘round a fast-food restaurant in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, called Hamburger Palace – a joint that’s open 24/7. It can be found by locating a 40-foot tall neon sign that is permanently out of order, which proclaims amburger Palace.

The show focuses on the interactions between employees of the establishment and the unusually odd customers who frequent it. The daily lives of this diverse ethnic group of kooky and outrageous characters knit together the strong threads necessary to weave a darn good yarn.

Episodes will focus on good, wholesome comedy and from time-to-time, celebrity guests will show up and add more fun and sparkle, as well as an element of surprise to the mix.