Friday, 28 February 2014 23:00

Tracy’s Diary Is Moving Forward to Broadcast Day!

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Tracy’s Diary is a “firm go” for CEGTV and several other broadcasters worldwide! Deals have already been inked, and production is underway for this great series. Materials related to the series are going to be sold on and in specific countries so that viewers can not only watch the program, but also see products and materials shown in the series so they can purchase them right away.

Cairngorm Studios and the producers of Tracy’s Diary are enthused about the favorable responses being received about this series and where it will be shown. Broadcasters are also excited by the fact that Tracy’s Diary is an adventure with a quest to find out what people want and need to maintain and/or establish their [own] quality of life. Its pages explore the passions of people through inspiring moments in their lives and facilitate cultural responsiveness through storytelling and reciprocity, as well as the understanding of other realities as they are learned. 


Cognitive stimulation fits in when Tracy Boyd, M.A., and host and author of the diary, “talks” to it. She uses self-reflection and encourages viewers to use this practice as they appreciate the existence of others. Her living biography of daily events and experiences are kept alive with visuals and sounds, including song and music. The diary contains life-coaching strategies with approaches that address life’s issues, and brings positive and challenging perspectives and resources to the forefront. As food, health, nutrition, and fun are important in life, the exploration of good eating and healthy living practices are among the journeys viewers will take. The show—which reveals health secrets and organizes goals—focuses on the adaptation of good habits that promote life, enjoyment, and fun, while also reducing the factors involved with risky health issues. 


Tracy’s Diary shares hope and the enrichment of life amidst a myriad of challenges, while exploring various paths to destiny, especially for those who think it’s too late for a fulfilled life of health, wellness, and success. Physical fitness and socio-emotional development are essential goals in Tracy’s Diary, which is facilitated by pointing out goal-oriented outcomes as a result of modeling positive behavior.


Program content includes the implementation of prevention and intervention, both of which promote physical and emotional health, personal well-being, and longevity. Even our vocal chords will gain exercise as we sing along with Tracy. Additionally, through the opportunity to be heard and validated, guests share what they value—and viewers will be able to see life from the perspective of others. 


As viewers dance with Tracy and one of her choreographers, learn new steps, or participate in a 30-day menu of good health for proper nutrition and calorie counting, they realize that Tracy’s Diary is designed to nurture the mind, soul, and body. They may even eat one of Tracy’s favorite dishes while learning new recipes, and exercise or talk with her during a studio taping. Viewers only need to focus their attention on actions that will enable and allow them to flow and live in the optimal experiences that are available to them through Tracy’s Diary. And, if viewers miss an opportunity to see the show as it is broadcast, they can follow-up online.


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