Friday, 28 February 2014 22:30

The Woodshop Series — Now in Production — Is Making a Comeback!

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The Woodshop Series returns to Cosmo TV Network, joining the CEGTV Network with new episodes hosted by Carl Benson, who shows you the step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions of how to make everything from miniature cars, trucks, vans, houses, trains, plaques, and so much, much more.

Carl will also show you how to make seasonal items, which you can turn into fun gift-giving presents, save as keepsakes, and/or even use as items to trade or sell.      

Carl will let you know what to obtain and use to make these projects without major power tools. Projects presented on The Woodshop Series bring nostalgic feelings to the show as Carl tells you the history of each item that will be made, and from what period of time each originated.


The series also has an interactive segment during which viewers can question the expert, so that Carl can answer any/all queries that the viewer has about the projects shown on The Woodshop. 


Cairngorm Studios has begun production on The Woodshop series, and we are excited that Carl is back on the Cosmo TV Network and especially enthused that he will also be presenting episodes on our new CEGTV Network.    


About the Host: Carl Benson has hosted The Woodshop Series for over 33 years; he has also been a high school instructor and college professor. Now retired, he travels the world over looking for new projects, ideas, and people who can show him how to do the fun projects he presents on the series.


About CEGTV Networks and Cairngorm Studios:

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