Friday, 28 February 2014 22:00

Sporting Events Producer Roy Leon Brings New Sporting Programs and Features to Cairngorm Studios — All of Which Are Slated for Production

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Sports television producer Roy Leon, who is also the executive producer of Wargods, is bringing several new programs (appropriately described as a “fresh evergreen series of programming”) to Cairngorm Studios for distribution and production, several of which are briefly discussed below and slated for production within the coming weeks.

“We are excited to have a great working relationship with Cairngorm Studios so that we can continue with these new productions and get them out into the domestic and international marketplaces,” Leon stated. Product tie-ins, placements, and the pay-per-view and Internet broadcasts that will used, will be significant additions to our distribution plans, all of which will further provide a win-win situation for series’ investors and backers. Leon added, “We are also excited about several new feature-length films—great family features—that will be released on DVDs, and to theatres and premium channels.  


About CEGTV Networks and Cairngorm Studios:

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