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(a feature-length film produced by Roy Leon and Cairngorm Studios) is one of the new ventures involving several teams that will be upgrading the collection to completely new programming. The setting is New York City during the Roaring ‘20s; New York is booming with bootlegging, speakeasies, prohibition, and the early days of the mob.

A local banker and investment tycoon—a Donald Trump-type character—runs the city with his wealth, power, and influence. While he’s a legitimate businessman to the public, he’s really a powerful, cutthroat mobster to the underworld. He runs the city and the underground “anything goes” fighting tournaments. Through his powerful connections and influence, he legalizes this style of fighting, which he calls Mixed Marital Arts. To get fighters to abandon their sport and fight for him, he offers the largest purse prizes in every weight class. 


Through the fighting tournament, three local fighters—two guys and one hot girl with an edge—meet and immediately bond. They fight for the banker/ investment tycoon they despise to survive and escape with their lives within the hardened slums of New York City. The fighters ban together to fight the injustices of the rough streets. The banker learns of the fighters’ good deeds and attempts to break them up. The sport of MMA surpasses boxing in this movie, which will be shot in black-and-white (B&W). 


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