Friday, 28 February 2014 20:10

Want to watch a movie or television show — or even a concert — when you wish to do so? Then check out Video-on-Demand at CEGTV!

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Advertiser-supported Cairngorm Studios is pleased to announce that the Internet site in connection with and CEGTV’s Video-on- Demand will now include programs, features, and selected classic programming, as well as special event concerts, and much, much more.


What could be better than relaxing at home with a movie of your choice? With Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand, you can stay at home and order in the classic features/programs or classic/new television programs without ever leaving the comfort of your favorite armchair or sofa.

It’s easy, convenient, and you never have to worry about a title being out-of-stock or paying late fees because you forgot to return a movie on time. You only pay for the movie you order. Also, some programs, supported by advertisers, are free to you.

All you need to order Pay-Per-View is an addressable converter box or a satellite receiver. If you don’t already have either of these, contact your local cable operator or satellite service provider. Free programming can also be accessed via 

Video-on-Demand is the technology that allows you to order a movie at the exact moment you want to watch it. There are no preset start times. Video- on-Demand also lets you control the movie you’re watching (just like a VCR would). You have the ability to Fast-forward, Rewind, and/or Pause your movie at any time.  


For suggestions or status updates, go to the “Need Help” section on our website; and be sure to join our mailing list by providing us with your name and email address so you can stay current with what’s going on at!


About CEGTV Networks and Cairngorm Studios:

Cairngorm Studios provides quality, multifaceted television programming for commercial and cable systems nationwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Special movies, radio programming and print media projects are also underway!


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