Tracy’s Diary Is Moving Forward to Broadcast Day!

Tracy’s Diary is a “firm go” for CEGTV and several other broadcasters worldwide! Deals have already been inked, and production is underway for this great series. Materials related to the series are going to be sold on and in specific countries so that viewers can not only watch the program, but also see products and materials shown in the series so they can purchase them right away. Cairngorm Studios and the producers of Tracy’s Diary are enthused about the favorable responses being received about this series and where it will be shown. Broadcasters are also excited by the fact that Tracy’s Diary is an adventure with a quest to find out what people want and need to maintain and/or establish their [own] quality of life. Its pages explore the passions of people through inspiring moments in their lives and facilitate cultural responsiveness through storytelling and reciprocity, as well as the understanding of other realities as they are learned. 

Cognitive stimulation fits in when Tracy Boyd, M.A., and host and author of the diary, “talks” to it. She uses self-reflection and encourages viewers to use this practice as they appreciate the existence of others. Her living biography of daily events and experiences are kept alive with visuals and sounds, including song and music. The diary contains life-coaching strategies with approaches that address life’s issues, and brings positive and challenging perspectives and resources to the forefront. As food, health, nutrition, and fun are important in life, the exploration of good eating and healthy living practices are among the journeys viewers will take. The show—which reveals health secrets and organizes goals—focuses on the adaptation of good habits that promote life, enjoyment, and fun, while also reducing the factors involved with risky health issues. 

Tracy’s Diary shares hope and the enrichment of life amidst a myriad of challenges, while exploring various paths to destiny, especially for those who think it’s too late for a fulfilled life of health, wellness, and success. Physical fitness and socio-emotional development are essential goals in Tracy’s Diary, which is facilitated by pointing out goal-oriented outcomes as a result of modeling positive behavior.

Program content includes the implementation of prevention and intervention, both of which promote physical and emotional health, personal well-being, and longevity. Even our vocal chords will gain exercise as we sing along with Tracy. Additionally, through the opportunity to be heard and validated, guests share what they value—and viewers will be able to see life from the perspective of others. 

As viewers dance with Tracy and one of her choreographers, learn new steps, or participate in a 30-day menu of good health for proper nutrition and calorie counting, they realize that Tracy’s Diary is designed to nurture the mind, soul, and body. They may even eat one of Tracy’s favorite dishes while learning new recipes, and exercise or talk with her during a studio taping. Viewers only need to focus their attention on actions that will enable and allow them to flow and live in the optimal experiences that are available to them through Tracy’s Diary. And, if viewers miss an opportunity to see the show as it is broadcast, they can follow-up online.


The Woodshop Series—Now in Production—Is Making a Comeback!

The Woodshop Series returns to Cosmo TV Network, joining the CEGTV Network with new episodes hosted by Carl Benson, who shows you the step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructions of how to make everything from miniature cars, trucks, vans, houses, trains, plaques, and so much, much more. Carl will also show you how to make seasonal items, which you can turn into fun gift-giving presents, save as keepsakes, and/or even use as items to trade or sell.     

Carl will let you know what to obtain and use to make these projects without major power tools. Projects presented on The Woodshop Series bring nostalgic feelings to the show as Carl tells you the history of each item that will be made, and from what period of time each originated.

The series also has an interactive segment during which viewers can question the expert, so that Carl can answer any/all queries that the viewer has about the projects shown on The Woodshop. 

Cairngorm Studios has begun production on The Woodshop series, and we are excited that Carl is back on the Cosmo TV Network and especially enthused that he will also be presenting episodes on our new CEGTV Network.    

About the Host:

Carl Benson has hosted The Woodshop Series for over 33 years; he has also been a high school instructor and college professor. Now retired, he travels the world over looking for new projects, ideas, and people who can show him how to do the fun projects he presents on the series.



Sports Dads 

This is a weekly show about fathers who are reliving their sports’ careers through their sons by forcing them to play sports (we all know these kinds of dads!). These guys are at every practice and every game, watching their sons reluctantly play all of the sports they played while growing up. The dads yell at the refs, coach their sons from the bleachers, and just tend to embarrass their families in general. 


The American Arm

 Another weekly show, this one follows the host, cast, and crew as they canvas America for the best “amateur arm” (i.e., “The pitcher with the ‘IT’ factor is out there, and we’re going to find him!”). The American Arm is hosted by a former, familiar-faced MLB “amateur-arm picker.”


Shamrock's Shenanigans

A weekly show hosted by MMA Legend Ken Shamrock, who will match you with our team of creative practical jokers, who will then target and play practical, embarrassing jokes on “everyday people” and celebrities.


Sporting Events Producer Roy Leon Brings New Sporting Programs and Features to Cairngorm Studios—All of Which Are Slated for Production


Sports television producer Roy Leon, who is also the executive producer of Wargods, is bringing several new programs (appropriately described as a “fresh evergreen series of programming”) to Cairngorm Studios for distribution and production, several of which are briefly discussed below and slated for production within the coming weeks. “We are excited to have a great working relationship with Cairngorm Studios so that we can continue with these new productions and get them out into the domestic and international marketplaces,” Leon stated. Product tie-ins, placements, and the pay-per-view and Internet broadcasts that will used, will be significant additions to our distribution plans, all of which will further provide a win-win situation for series’ investors and backers. Leon added, “We are also excited about several new feature-length films—great family features—that will be released on DVDs, and to theatres and premium channels.  



Real Gold Diggers of Beverly Hills

This weekly show comically profiles the lives of stereotypical trophy wives (who are, of course, basically young, materialistic girls, who have had every plastic surgery imaginable, are half the ages of their wealthy husbands, and are all living the astute lifestyle of upper-class Hollywood). Real Gold Diggers of Beverly Hills makes fun of other reality shows, to which—because it’s all in fun—everyone can relate. 



(a feature-length film produced by Roy Leon and Cairngorm Studios) is one of the new ventures involving several teams that will be upgrading the collection to completely new programming. The setting is New York City during the Roaring ‘20s; New York is booming with bootlegging, speakeasies, prohibition, and the early days of the mob. A local banker and investment tycoon—a Donald Trump-type character—runs the city with his wealth, power, and influence. While he’s a legitimate businessman to the public, he’s really a powerful, cutthroat mobster to the underworld. He runs the city and the underground “anything goes” fighting tournaments. Through his powerful connections and influence, he legalizes this style of fighting, which he calls Mixed Marital Arts. To get fighters to abandon their sport and fight for him, he offers the largest purse prizes in every weight class. 


Through the fighting tournament, three local fighters—two guys and one hot girl with an edge—meet and immediately bond. They fight for the banker/ investment tycoon they despise to survive and escape with their lives within the hardened slums of New York City. The fighters ban together to fight the injustices of the rough streets. The banker learns of the fighters’ good deeds and attempts to break them up. The sport of MMA surpasses boxing in this movie, which will be shot in black-and-white (B&W). 



Two Holiday Classic’s from the 1970’s are now part of the Cairngorm Library and have been re-mastered!

Very popular holiday animated classics, The Gift of Winter and Witch’s Night Out will be distributed exclusively by Cairngorm Studios in the domestic and international marketplace to broadcast and home entertainment arenas. Cairngorm Studios welcomes these holiday classics to our vast programming library. 

These very popular classics have been re-mastered from the original 35MM negatives and were created and produced by Leach/Rankin Productions back in the 1970’s. The producers are working on a new material, special documentaries about the creators discussing the productions, storyboards and art stills. Producers are slated to introduce more programming material in the near future.  


Both Holiday animated classics, The Gift of Winter and Witch’s Night Out were originally aired on NBC back in the 1970’s and had been broadcasted on the Disney Channel. The classics are voiced by Saturday Night Live stars Gilda Radner and Dan Aykroyd for The Gift of Winter and Witch’s Night Out stars the voice talent of Gilda Radner and Catherine O’Hara. 



Wargods, the fight series, makes the move to Cairngorm Studios and its broadcast network!

Wargods series sports producer Roy Leon brings his very popular martial arts fight series over to Cairngorm Studios and our CEGTV Network. Cairngorm and its sister companies will have exclusive rights for distribution of this series in both the domestic and international broadcast marketplaces. 

Wargods has a proven broadcast track record in major markets across the domestic marketplace. The series’ will be taped live to ensure that only new events are presented; it will also feature product placement, fighter endorsements, and tickets to the events. Numerous major product tie-ins have expressed interest in Wargods and the international broadcast marketplace.



Wargods Fight Championships 

A quarterly live, mixed martial arts (MMA) event from Wargods fights will profile the top fighters. An up-close-and-intense inside look at the fighters, MMA legends, and Championship fights will also be presented. Wargods Fight Championships are being produced as 60-minute episodes. Additionally, special events will feature Wargods Fight Championships’ 2-hour live broadcasts of championship title fights and other historic match-ups.


Wargods Heroes

A weekly, MMA series will profile up-and-coming fighters. The show will highlight the most exciting fights, memorable knockouts, and behind-the-scenes’ interviews of tomorrow's MMA stars from recent Wargods fight promotion events. Also included will be the 60-minute television episode—Wargods “Heroes” Showcase Legends—and the new stars of MMA. This weekly show will be chock full of power-packed fights and relentless action.


Classic Children’s Program, 

Hotel Balderdash is back with new Slapstick episodes

A popular children’s television program in Salt Lake City, Utah, and surrounding states during the ‘70s and ‘80s—with its three zany hosts: Cannonball, Harvey, and the wacky Raymond, who performed antics and slapstick—Hotel Balderdash is back with fresh new episodes. With an average 65 share and a 15 rating, making it the highest-rated kids show in the nation for almost 11 years, Cairngorm Studios plans to distribute 150, 60-minute shows the first year through Silver Pixel Studios in Mesa, Arizona. 


A classic example of the local kids’ shows that no longer exists, the Hotel Balderdash gang—Cannonball, Harvey, Raymond, Limo Joe, Funky Bologna, Chef Carlos, Security Sam, Concierge Marci, Dan Dan the Repairman, Sir Willie William, the Banana Band, and many, many more—is now back for fun with a live studio audience, an array of original musical numbers, bits, contests, jokes, and just plain, good old-fashioned comedy for “kids of all ages.”


The show has the popular dynamic of being set in a hotel with the manager, Cannonball; the bellhop, Harvey; and the owner’s nephew, spoiled brat Raymond. Monday through Friday, Raymond continually tries to get Harvey in trouble with Cannonball, only to be caught by Cannonball at the end of the show and punished for his mischief. The live audience of children and parents will go wild trying to warn Cannonball that Harvey is a victim of circumstance, and that it was really Raymond causing the trouble. Look for many new faces at the Hotel Balderdash and special guest stars that stop by to add to the fun.


The History of Hotel Balderdash…


The show was produced at KCPX/KTVX-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah, and aired on KCPX-TV (an ABC affiliate in Salt Lake) on September 11, 1972. It was seen throughout Utah, but was also a regional show viewed in parts of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Wyoming. Soon after the debut of the show, the station changed its call letters to KTVX. Hotel Balderdash lasted for almost 11 years as the most popular local show of any type in the area. Fifty-five to 65% of the entire morning audience—of all ages—got up to watch this “local” children’s program.


The show originated with a nearly 2-hour format, starting at 6:45 in the morning and finishing at 8:40, followed by a 20-minute news broadcast. When ABC introduced its new morning program, AM America, to go against NBC’s Today Show, it eventually settled into an hour format (7:00-8:00 a.m.). So popular was Hotel Balderdash, with the airing of AM America, a local newspaper wrote an article wondering what KTVX would do with its “proven winner.” Of course, the station also recognized that they had a winner with Balderdash, and decided to divide the two hours of AM America—which would eventually have a name change to Good Morning, America—airing the first one at 6:00 a.m. and the second at 8:00 a.m. 


Hotel Balderdash starred Larry “Cannonball” John, Randy “Harvey” Lovoi, and Charlie “Raymond” LeSueur. John and LeSueur had been given the idea for the program by popular kid’s show host Bill “Wallace” Thompson of Wallace and Ladmo fame in Phoenix, Arizona. John had known Thompson from the time the young actor had been a co-host on a popular talent show in Phoenix called Lew King's Rangers. Thompson said he had the idea for a show set in a hotel (and he suggested the Balderdash name), using the guests as the characters.


Originally, the popular jazz tune “Mississippi Mud” was the show’s theme song. When LeSueur left the show in 1976, John and Lovoi quickly adjusted and recorded two popular albums of original songs. The Hotel Balderdash theme song that is fondly remembered was on the first album (which is why there is no mention of Raymond in the song). The show’s popularity continued to soar with Harvey and Cannonball, and they even had a “Hotel Balderdash Day” declared in Utah. In fact, so strong was the popularity of these two characters that the show continued to be entertaining—although, by now, without LeSueur’s “double entendre” characters, it focused more on being strictly a children’s show. LeSueur returned to the show at various times, finally returning on more or less a permanent basis in 1979.


At its height of popularity, the characters of Harvey, Cannonball, and Raymond drew huge crowds at all of their personal appearances. At Christmastime, when they made their regular appearances at the Sears stores, Santa Claus would have to close up shop until they left, because everyone wanted to see the Balderdash Gang. A story relating to their immense popularity is the year when the storyline had Raymond kidnapping Santa Claus on a Thursday morning installment. The Friday and Monday shows had already been taped and Santa was to be saved on the Monday show. KTVX was inundated Thursday with phone calls from angry parents whose kids were terribly upset by the kidnapping. The threesome was called back Thursday night for an emergency taping session to make sure that Santa was saved by Cannonball and Harvey on Friday. Santa was saved and the kids—and their parents—were all very, very happy!



(Hotel Balderdash is distributed exclusively by Cairngorm Studios.)