Some of the Frequently Asked Questions to Cairngorm Studios, and  CEG TV Networks

 Q:  How do I submit ideas for original program ideas?

 A:   From time to time, The CEG TV Networks take in program ideas, work-in-progress, or programming suggestions. The first step is to write to Cairngorm Studios, Attention: Programming Ideas, 848 North Rainbow Blvd #324, Las Vegas, NV  89107.  Following receipt, you will receive a written response on how to proceed.


Q:  From time to time, why do the scheduled episodes, guests, or topics on a series episode differ from what the program guide indicates?

A: Most of the listings for all programs are prepared many weeks in advance. As we are changing CEG TV Networks’ Web site, our new site will have the most recent program listings and up-to-date information (e.g., facts about the programs, air dates, commentary about each show, etc.).  


Q: Can I purchase a copy of the programs I watch on CEG TV Networks?

A: Yes, but only for the programs that are for sale on Shopcegtv.com shopping club, or at your local video store. Some producers and/or distributors have not released some programs on home video and/or DVD.


Q: Why aren’t all of the shows on CEG TV Networks close-captioned?

A: CEG TV Networks close-captions programs as we receive funding for such purposes from the applicable organizations involved.  When these organizations provide us with funding, they usually dictate which programs they want close-captioned. That being said, there is a new regulation that all shows must be close-captioned by a certain date, at which time we will have all such programming in place.





Q:  Are all commercials on CEG TV Networks selected to be scheduled and broadcast by the network.

A: CEG TV Networks air commercials nationally while allowing the cable operator or satellite provider time to air spots locally. Local commercials may be for local businesses or other products that are audience-targeted and focused in nature.


Q: Where can I write my favorite TV star or host?

A:  You can send your letters or requests to:

Cairngorm Studios

848 North Rainbow Blvd #324

Las Vegas, NV  89107


Q: Why do programs leave the CEG TV Networks’ schedule?

A:  Most of the programs that are shown on CEG TV Networks are acquired. They are owned by various distributors who license the programs to CEG TV Networks for a specific time and/or number of airings. If the license agreement with the distributor requires the program to end or the program has reached the end of the agreement, the program is no longer permitted to air.


Q:  Why are episodes for some of the programs shown out of order or skipped?


A:  A number of the license agreements for a show have restrictions regarding the number of times CEG TV Networks are allowed to air certain episodes. Oftentimes, too, holiday episodes are held back for showing at the proper time of the year or the first and/or last episodes of a series are held back. At other times, certain episodes are not broadcast because lab or technical problems require that those episodes be held back until the applicable problems have been corrected.