Classic Television

Viewing audiences are finding classic television through Cairngorm Studios, which has programmed classic series' reruns targeted at cash-rich baby boomers ready to gobble up the same television fare they feasted on as impressionable youths.

Most of the classic programs Cairngorm Studios airs aren’t dated, so they never use jokes or situations that relate to the times, which is why they’re still so successful.

We're not sure if a lot of the shows being done now will still be funny in twenty years. Too many of them try to reflect the times too much.

You would simply not believe some of the letters we get from people thanking us for showing these classic programs and begging us for more! That’s why Cairngorm Studios has set up a message board on the site so viewers can make comments and/or suggestions about classic TV programs or any of the other programs that Cairngorm Studios airs, either in its schedule or in programming blocks in association with other cable broadcast networks.

Indeed, younger viewers – the boomers of the baby boomers, if you will – have embraced nostalgia at least as fervently as their elders. For them, after all, it isn’t nostalgia but something new.

We get more comments from parents who tell us they can’t talk to their kids in the early evening because they’re off watching classic television shows. The adults love sitting there saying, Hey, this is what I watched when I was a kid!

Some kids just never grow up - and in 2014, they don’t have to.

So, sit back with Cairngorm Studios and enjoy classic television.