Archival Footage

Cairngorm Studios is your source for over 100 years of global imagery.  Cairngorm Studios has footage from silent features and shorts up to recent motion pictures with all the well-known stars, legends, classics' stars, famous faces, and famous places. Are you doing retro looks back into their careers? Because of its extensive programming library, Cairngorm can help. Cairngorm also has historic newsreel footage to breaking news. Additionally, our library encompasses major happenings in the world, and even some of the less momentous occasions - past, present, and future. If you need the footage fast, or need hard-to-find, rare material - material that must match the movie, the movie’s time period or theme, or whatever your project is - we're here to help. Just tell us what you're trying to find!


With Cairngorm, you will have access to literally hundreds of thousands of hours of footage, whether it covers major historic moments and today's small stories, or material on politics, pop culture, the economy, entertainment, the military, fashion, classic stock shots, and/or the completely unexpected.  



The Cairngorm Studios archive collects the worldwide news and entertainment industry, offering unparalleled coverage of the men, women, and events that made history in the 20th century. Discover the historical figures who have had a lasting impact in the world of sports, Hollywood, royalty, fashion, technology, and countless other lifestyles. Cairngorm has aerial material from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Let our friendly staff assist you with the images you want at competitive rates, which are based on total usage. No per scene and/or clip set-up charge, nor are large projects a problem. You're only charged for what you use, plus a nominal lab and technical service charge; and for extensive research, Cairngorm charges only a nominal fee.

To contact the Cairngorm Studios, call 702-421-5144, fax us at 702-421-5379, or e-mail us at  We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service, hopefully within the very near future.