The Advantages of Television Advertising

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While any media can offer facts and figures, only TELEVISION can build an image by tying together the elements of sight, sound, color, motion, and emotion!



Based on a Brusking/Goldring survey, TELEVISION advertising, when compared with radio and print, is perceived to be the most influential, authoritative, believable, and exciting advertising medium!



TELEVISION generates immediate traffic on your sales floor! TELEVISION reaches everyone!



TELEVISION catches people’s attention. It gets into the living room and reaches people when they’re relaxed!



TELEVISION reaches a broader base of viewers, regardless of gender, household income, education, or occupation!

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CEG TV Networks reaches more than 91 percent of the country on the national level and local markets with full coverage (off air and cable). We make television advertising the most powerful, effective, affordable, and efficient way to reach your customers. Our commitment is to create as much value as possible for our advertisers. The CEG TV Networks’ team—with more than 50 years of combined broadcast television experience—will work with you to develop successful advertising campaigns with access to high quality, full-service commercial production elements for all of our clients. We can guide you through the entire process—from concept to launch, we are a one-stop shop. Contact CEG TV Networks’ advertising department at  702-421-5144  and let us show your business how we can meet your advertising needs!

Gain Success Faster Using the Power of Television!

Get Impact. Get on Television.


More time is spent watching television every day than all other types of media combined.

TV reaches more adults, teens, and children every day than any other medium.

Adults are most likely to learn about products or brands they might try or buy from TV.

Television is perceived as the most exciting, persuasive, and influential advertising medium. 


For information about advertising on CEG TV Networks, or any other advertising, please contact: Broadcast Advertising Services, Short and Long Form:



Television Advertising by the Numbers

Understanding Television Advertising


Q. Why should I choose television to advertise my business?

A. Television is powerful. Did you know that the average person over the age of 18 spends more over 200 minutes per day watching television? That’s over 4 hours a day! The time an adult spends with television exceeds the combined time spent with other media: Radio - 128 minutes; the Internet - 45 minutes; Newspapers - 30 minutes; and Magazines, 19 minutes. According to a recent study, “The public perceives television as the most influential, authoritative, exciting, and persuasive advertising medium.” … “Television was the medium where consumers were most likely to learn about products.” 


Q. Should I place all of my advertising on one type of media?

A. In most cases, no. If you’re simply looking to reach anyone, you can usually reach acceptable numbers of people by using only one type of media. However, depending on the type of business you are advertising, it may be better to diversify your advertising budget among several types of media, which target different types of potential customers; for example, newspaper advertising is not effective if your potential customer doesn’t read newspapers.


Q. My business is smaller than the major TV advertisers. Can I afford to advertise on television?

A. A better question is: “Can I afford not to?” Consider how many people your advertising message can reach on television. Then, compare that cost to the cost of other media. You may be surprised to find that television advertising is very economical.


Q. Money is tight. How do I determine my advertising budget?

A. The amount of your budget can be determined by considering what end result you hope to achieve with your advertising campaign. How many sales, transactions, or new customers will you need to attract to achieve your goal? The purpose of advertising is to make your revenue grow. We have marketing specialists who are experienced and have access to multiple sources of research material to help local businesses develop a marketing plan. We can help you define your goal, create your message, and find the programs and events that will reach your customers with the right amount of frequency. We can recommend the most cost-efficient way to reach your goal while staying in line with your established budget.